About Canmore Holistic Therapies

Canmore Holistic Therapies, formerly known as Hayley Molina Massage, is nestled in the heart of Three Sisters, Canmore.  Hayley opened her massage studio with the intention of collaborating with other practitioners, psychologists, physicians and healers in order to nurture her clients in a complete holistic setting.  

In order to cater to her growing clientele, the time has come for her to expand her practice by bringing into her studio two new highly trained Registered Massage Therapists and Body Workers: Vicky Mathieu and Pauline Winterstein.

By expanding her immediate team, Hayley is excited that her studio is now able to provide more availability to suit her clientele’s diverse schedule, while maintaining the high standard of services that her clients have come to expect over the last three years.

Canmore Holistic Therapies’ mission is to offer you an exceptional treatment each and every time, and beyond that to create a space where you feel comfortable and safe to explore your core health goals at a deeper level. For you, this may mean feeling better in your body, healing from sickness or disease, or becoming stronger for your lifestyle activities and sports. Our therapists will help you connect with your beautiful self and open up the possibility of living a life of love, gratitude and wellness.  

We are here for you.

Hayley Molina


Owner, Registered Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher

Hayley Molina has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 14 years, practicing in Australia, Banff and Canmore. She is registered with the Natural Health Practitioner’s of Canada (NHPC) and has a large and solid following of clients in the Bow Valley.

Hayley has a strong dedication to helping people and it shows in her massage treatments. Hayley’s passion for massage along with other healing, manual therapies and for her clients to receive the most out of their treatments is evident. Each massage is customized to your needs whether you need to work on deep muscle pain, emotional pain, stress, relaxation or an overall feeling of well being.

Her massage styles vary, using Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue, Myo-fascial Release, Relaxation, Cranio Sacral and Sports Massage to name a few. Relaxation techniques are used where possible within her massage treatments in order for clients to release tension and stress as much as possible.

Hayley is a Certified Reiki Master, a Japanese technique which is used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes deeper healing within the body and mind. Upon request, Hayley can use Reiki within her massage treatments in order for her clients to receive the best healing possible on a physical, mental and spiritual level. She also specializes in Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stone Massage.

Hayley originally settled in Banff 20 years ago, whilst on a journey around the world. That journey brought her to the Bow Valley, where she fell in love with the mountains and developed new passions such as mountaineering, snowboarding and hiking.

Hayley is now permanently based in Banff, after temporarily leaving the Bow Valley to experience life in New Zealand, Australia and Eastern Canada with her husband Marcos. Together they love life in the mountains, raising their 2 daughters, skiing, hiking, climbing, canoeing and biking.

Hayley’s love for her community and mountain life, together with her passion for her massage practice and clientele, guarantees that you will have an unforgettable experience each and every time!

Pauline Winterstein


Registered Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Pauline arrived in the Bow Valley in 2001 and worked in Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapy Services. Over the years Pauline has worked with children in the school system, respite work for families, and continuing care facilities with seniors. Switching to massage wasn't a stretch in wanting to help others enjoy life to the fullest.

Pauline graduated as an RMT from MH Vicars in 2009 and is licensed with NHPC. Over the years she has enhanced her clients massage experience with continuing education in therapeutic, deep tissue, myofascial release, myofascial cupping; or something more gentle with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, reflexology or cranial sacral therapy (Upledger Institute). She specializes in migraine tension, headaches, TMJ and concussion symptoms.

No matter what your style may be Pauline will work with you to reach your rehab goals. Her passion is helping people reach their ultimate better self. When not working you will find her playing in the mountains whether it's hiking the trails with her dog, skiing, curling, camping or on the water with her kayak or paddleboard.